The following price list for the breeds that are posted on the Hickory

Hill Farm Kennel Web Site are considered fair and equable.  All sales

are subject to the Virginia State Sale Tax of 5.5% as of 1 July 2013!!!


Havashire:              Males and Females are $795.00.


Poodle:                   Males and Females are $975.00.


Japanese Chin:       Males and Females are $975.00.                             


Maltese:                 Males are $975.00 and Females are $1000.00.       


Schnauzer:             Males and Females are $600.00. Party Schnauzer

                                  are $650.00.


Breeder Sales      Full Registration (Breeding rights) add $500.00

                                to any price. Must be approved by Hickory

                                Hill Farm Kennel owners.


Special Sales:        Prices are posted on that web page.


             Prices are subject to change based on economic changes!!!