Toy Breed, well suited for a indoor and companion dog, very good ratter.





Characteristics:  The pure white, profusely coated Maltese is essentially short and cobby.  The body is well balanced, with good spring of rib.  The coat is of good length but does not interfere with the dog's gait; the texture of the coat is silky and never woolly.  The eyes are oval and lively, never bulging.  The head is of medium length, in perfect proportion to the body.  The tail waves over the back; a longhaired plume carried gracefully.  Height: not exceeding 10 inches (26 cm).  Weight: 4 - 6 pounds (2 -3 kg).  A solid white color is preferred, although lemon on the ears is pardonable.


History:  The ancient dog of Malta has long been a symbol of the opulence of the art-loving, highly bred island inhabitants.  The beauty and pettiness of the friendly Maltese complemented the peaceful society in which it dwelled.  In the time of Phidias, the Maltese was favored by the great ladies of the Roman Empire.  The Maltese hasn't always been solely a show piece and home ornament: once called the Maltese Terrier, it was used on rats and had a particular distaste for felines.  Were it not for the exuberant coat (prized today no doubt!), it would have done a number on badger as well.  No frail or delicate dog, the Maltese is hardy and lively and able to withstand reasonable extremes in climes.  He is described as sweet tempered, gentle mannered, sprightly in action, and vigorous.  He is ideal for those looking for a little action in their pets.


Kennel Clubs:  FIC, AKC, UKC, KCGB, CKC, ACA